The Importance of Mobile-First Marketing in 2023

In our fast-moving digital world, staying competitive in marketing is tough. More and more people are using mobile phones for everything, and that’s why Mobile-First Marketing is so important. To do well in 2023 and beyond, you really need to know about and use this strategy. It’s a big deal to get ahead in the marketing world, and Mobile-First Marketing is a key to success.

WordPress Rumors

Rumor has it that WordPress is dying. Is it true?

Are you hearing rumors that the popularity of WordPress is in decline, or being overshadowed by newer website-building solutions? Let’s dive into why these rumors exist and why they should be taken with a coffee ground of skepticism.

Y2K Design Trends

Flashback Fever: Y2K Design Trends!

The Y2K era played a big role in shaping the style of people who are in their 30s and 40s all over the world. Fast forward to today and the graphic design trends are making a comeback. Get ready for a dose of Vaporwave, Grunge, 3D Text, and Maximalism – trends to make your designs pop.

My website stopped sending emails

Did Your Website Stop Sending You Emails?

During a routine check, it was discovered a website was not sending email when someone completed a contact form. Read why, and the solution that was used to resolved the issue.

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