My website stopped sending emails

Did Your Website Stop Sending You Emails?

During a routine check, it was discovered a website was not sending email when someone completed a contact form.

Here’s why…

Here is why:

In this scenario, WordPress by default uses PHPMail in order to send messages, which are sent from the default server address. In other words, a long strange email address that is not from your domain name.

The solution:

It is recommended to install an SMTP plugin. By doing so, you can use an actual e-mail account to send the messages (e.g.

There are many SMTP 3rd party plugins to solve issues with your website not delivering emails, and some charge fees. In trying to find the best way to resolve the issue for free, we used a plugin by WPForms – WP Mail SMTP. Now the completed forms are delivering emails and the problem is resolved!

Are you encountering email deliverability issues on your website? Have you tried installing an SMTP plugin and did it resolve your issue? Let me know if you found this helpful.

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